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Considering upgrading to an automatic door entry system? You’ll find a huge variety of choices for products and configurations. Here are some tips to get you started.

Factors to Consider

From shopping centres, hotels and office buildings to hospitals, care homes and schools, all kinds of establishments are upgrading to automatic door entry systems. Your application is unique – while making a choice, you should keep in mind several factors such as traffic flow volume, compliance requirements, energy efficiency, whether it’s a new or existing building etc. It’s a good idea to consult a professional design and installation company to arrive at the best solution.

Swinging or Sliding?

Most automatic door entry systems are grouped in two categories – swinging doors and sliding doors. Automatic swinging doors open with outward and inward movement whereas automatic sliding doors feature lateral movement. Automatic door systems can be connected to access control systems and electronic fob systems. Either could be suitable for your application, so it’s necessary to understand their differences.

Pros and Cons of Swinging Doors

Automatic swinging doors are the best fit for one way traffic. Swinging doors are the more conventional and familiar option. They’re also easy to use and more secure since you can lock them at night. They are available in energy-efficient models and can either be operated with a push plate or sensors. Swing door automation is more cost-effective when compared to sliding door automation in case of a retrofitting project. One disadvantage of automated swing doors is that they require more peripheral space for operation and can increase instances of collisions. However, this can be avoided by installing security protocols.

Pros and Cons of Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors feature contemporary aesthetics – with their sleek designs and noiseless mechanism, they are the perfect choice for corporate or retail facilities. They allow two-way traffic and hands-free operation which makes them suitable for high traffic facilities such as schools and hospitals where hygiene is also a concern. They are wheelchair friendly and space saving solutions. The downside is that they tend to cost more than swinging door systems and require a bit more maintenance. Installing them in retrofitting projects can be challenging, but it is achievable when experts are in charge. Need more information? Get in touch with an experienced and reliable company offering comprehensive solutions for automatic door entry systems!