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According to a recent report, the market for electronic security products and services in the UK has improved considerably due to technological advancements increasing replacement demand and optimistic construction sector.  It is said that the UK electronic security market is currently mature and increase in construction of offices, industries and entertainment / leisure complexes are contributing to installations of new CCTV, access control systems and intruder alarms. A variety of stakeholders are involved in the security industry such as electronic equipment manufacturers, specialist manufacturers and IT developers.  The manufacturers of specialist security equipment either provide extensive solutions pertaining to all aspects of security equipment, installation, servicing and monitoring or focus on developing the product like those in the biometric or camera. The future is looking positive due to adoption of new technologies.

Better Technology Better Security

With all the advancement in technology, you are in a better position to pick a security access control system that is right just for you. Whether it is for corporate, government, industrial or residential, ensure your provider understands your business, its concerns, threats and requirements. Different needs have different solutions. Let us look at some of the products and how they help in monitoring movement, providing security and limiting access to restricted areas.

Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV)

CCTVs form another layer in security access control as it acts as a crime deterrent. The fear of being caught can dissuade a potential criminal from carrying out a crime and that in itself would prevent theft or even from harming anyone. However, in the event that the crime does get committed, the images and videos recorded would allow the authorities in identifying the perpetrators and bring them to book.  Since recording and monitoring can even be achieved remotely with updates by email or via an app, you can check in on your business whether on weekday, weekend or while you are on vacation.

Security Door

Every client has a unique requirement. Security access control systems using audio and video features help the occupant to talk and see the caller either on a small screen on the handset or through a computer network.  Some providers can offer vandal resistant panels that are known for their durability and high quality. If the security requirement for your building or establishment is complex, you may find it makes better sense to consider going for a turnkey solution where the provider can review and offer the best possible access control system suited to your needs.

As with all contracts, service and maintenance is an integral part. Ensure this is discussed in detail so that during an emergency, the provider is able to address your issues promptly, efficiently and with discretion.