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An important security measure for any organization is to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access. The best way to achieve this is by installing a reliable and cost-effective door entry system.

Types of Door Entry System

Most commercial buildings use a proximity reader which requires the user to swipe their card on entry. Not only is it a simple and effective door entry service but the cards can also be replaced or deactivated in the case of damage or loss. The technology that is used ensures that all relevant verification methods are embedded into the system so that only the individual with authorization can enter in. Newer improvements allow the cards to be detected even from a distance. The system’s popularity is based on its affordability and management. Standalone locks can be accessed with the help of a keypad or a key card. They are very cost effective and easy to install and do not require any wiring. They can also be used in certain places they do not require frequent access to everyone. Biometric systems are another popular door entry service that is used by organizations on a daily basis. The system identifies and reads certain distinct physical characteristics such as fingerprints and retinal scans. While they are expensive, they are extremely effective at ensuring security and protection. It involves absolutely no paperwork, is easy to install and requires no extra maintenance.

Communal Door Systems

Social housing systems and big companies need to find ways to secure communal doors in order to maintain security while balancing the need for easy entry and exit. The doors must be strong and have a multi-locking system. The glass panels must be reinforced with grilles or a secure film. Communal doors must incorporate an intruder alarm. In the case of a malfunction or an emergency, a safeguard must be integrated allowing a way to release the lock without an access card or key. A communal door entry service must also include an audio-visual facility or an intercom to provide extra security. The system can also create custom level access according to the requirements and roles. Certain access control systems can provide temporary access to visitors. The card or key will cease to function after the expiry date. Communal doors can be programmed to get automatically locked or unlocked at specific times of the day. The door entry service can also be used to manage the entries and exits, monitor visitors and maintain time logs and their duration.

Door entry systems are an intelligent way of ensuring security and safe access to your home or organization.