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Door Entry Systems are a part of the security features of business premises.  It allows you to dictate who enters your building or different portions of the building.  This is very important as it ensures that unwanted persons or opportunists are not allowed entry.  It also helps to protect the customers and employees within the premises of the building.  Door entry systems may be required to cover multiple exits and entrances especially if the business site is huge and sprawling.  There also could be the option of a trade button that allows deliveries and collections at certain pre-fixed times.

Types Of Door Entry Systems

There are different types of door entry systems.  The audio buzzer system is the cheapest and most common.  The visitor presses the button and speaks to a door entry controller.  Access is granted only when the operator presses the button to release the door lock.  In the video door entry system, the operator is able to visually recognize the visitor.  The mobile phone and internet door entry systems ensures remote control of all entry points with the help of an internet connection.  Employees swipe their electronic card, badge, or key fob to gain access to their offices.  This type pf door entry system helps with improved internal security while ensuring only authorized personnel are allowed into sensitive areas.  This system is very popular in hospitals, laboratories, and schools.

Importance Of Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems are necessary for the protection of the employees, so that they are able to have a safe environment where they can maximize their productivity.  Since access is restricted, there is a great reduction in theft.  You no longer have to worry about keys as you just swipe mobile phones, tags, cards, or fingerprints.  There is also a system of history logging and muster reports with door entry systems so that in the event of an emergency, it is possible to know how many people are there at different locations.

Enhanced Security With Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems are available for single houses, apartments, and villas.  These are easy to install and extremely functional.  It enhances the security of homes where people live alone.  This is very useful for people who have limited mobility as it allows them to screen their visitors without actually going to the door and allow only those they approve of to enter the home.  The more sophisticated ones are sensitive to fire alarms and closes automatically when the fire alarm sounds, so that the spread of fire and smoke is contained.